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Molded Rubber Parts

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-09-10      Origin: Site

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Molded Rubber Parts

Molded rubber parts are perfect for quick installation and replacement. They are also cost-effective. Here are some common molded rubber parts and what they do:

  • Bumpers: these components help to protect vehicles, equipment, and walls from damage.

  • Grommets: these parts are used to cover holes and sharp corners.

  • Flanged stem bushings: used to insulate, this molded rubber component protects a variety of equipment and accessories.

  • O-Rings: this part is used as a seal.

  • Tubing and extruded parts: used in general machinery applications.

  • Anti-Vibration pads: reduce noise and friction.

  • Suction cups: for a variety of general applications.

  • Caps: protect surfaces or components from external damage or impacts.

  • Compressor mounts provide isolation to reduce transmission of vibration.

Check out some more molded rubber parts here.

Industries and Use for Rubber Parts

Most industries use rubber in some capacity. Whether it is in manufactured products or production equipment, rubber is an essential material. Some industries use rubber much more than others. Here are examples of those industries and how they use this versatile material:

Automotive: Rubber is not only used for tires in the automotive industry. It can also be used for seals, gaskets, and bumpers, and noise control.

  • Building and Construction: From huge tracks and wheels to tiny tubes and buttons, rubber can be found in virtually every piece of equipment on a construction site.

  • Industrial Manufacturing: The machinery that is used for manufacturing contains tons of rubber. Because rubber can withstand a wide range of temperatures and has a long life span, the material is perfect for this work.

  • Electrical: Rubber is one of the few materials that does not conduct electricity. This makes it ideal for electrical wiring.

  • Food and Beverage: Most food and beverage companies use silicone in their packaging because it can withstand extremely high temperatures. This is why silicone baking utensils are so popular.

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