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Purpose Of Punching Type Rubber Pad?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-07-09      Origin: Site

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First, insulation series:

Black and white PVC, PC, PS, PP, insulation, PET and other products, mainly used for the insulation of electronic products.

Two, adhesive series:

American 3M adhesive, t4000 glue, g9000, G9900, G9100, Nitto 5000, TESA, Sony, Hitachi, water, Teraoka and a variety of self-adhesive stickers, mainly used for the special requirements of electronic products in viscous.

Three, shock series:

Ottomans, foam rubber, warrior pad, EVA pad, silicone mat, anti-skid pads, shockproof pads, sponge pad, PORON gum pad, PORON products, audio speaker gasket, EPE EPE, high foaming, foam points, waterproof bubble sliver, the sealed bulb sliver, EVA, kitchen silencer pad and so on.

Four, sponge series:

Characteristics of green sponge, high density sponge, fire-retardant foam, fire sponge, PE foam, Pu sponge, filter cotton, cotton cameras, antistatic sponge, the peak cotton, sound-absorbing cotton, O F Sylo etc.: insulation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, shock absorption, flame retardant, anti electrostatic, dustproof, permeability can be good.

Five, jacket series:

EVA foam products, cap pad, sponge cradle, EPE EPE, mainly used for toys, stationery, jewelry, high-end hardware and boutique packaging.

Six, dust series:

Activity carbon filter cotton, activated carbon fiber cotton, non-woven, non-woven fabric dustproof net, dustproof cloth and so on. It is mainly used for electronic products in horn dustproof effect. Seven, EVA series:
EVA rubber products is a new environmental protection plastic foam materials, has the advantages of good cushioning, shock, heat, moisture, resistance to chemical corrosion, and non-toxic, non absorbent. EVA rubber products designed to be forming, the shockproof performance is better than that of polystyrene (foam) and other traditional foam material, and in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection. It is the best choice for the export products.

High elastic rubber foaming materials with eight, sports goods:

9 degrees -30 degrees, non-toxic, tasteless, sunscreen, anti aging, buoyancy and other characteristics.

Nine, other series:

Cashmere paper, cloth, kraft paper, paper, silk, magic paste, wool, PE anti electrostatic protective film, silica fiber cloth, soft silicon film, paper astigmatism, Cr, adhesive stickers, stickers glasses, mica sheet, conductive foil Mylar, copper products, such as. Part of the above products through the EU Rosh environmental protection certification, products widely used in all kinds of batteries, mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, cameras, cars, LCD, DVD, CD, PDA, scanner scanners, copiers, sound, radio cassette recorder, telephone, air conditioning, equipment, instruments, machinery, lighting, toys, sporting goods etc. products.

The high elastic polymer material with reversible deformation is elastic at room temperature, and can generate large deformation under the action of a small external force, and the original state can be recovered after the external force is removed.

Features: non-toxic, environmental protection, wear resistant, difficult to burn, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, aging service life is long.

Uses: cable, automobile, electric appliance, a bearing, a pump, a water pipe, chemical pipe, valves, mouse, keyboard, etc. products are inseparable from the Ottomans.

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