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Rubber Shock Absorber Used In Where?

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Rubber damping products generally use natural rubber and chloroprene rubber, oil resistance of nitrile rubber is used, requirements high and low temperature resistance of the silicon rubber, requirements for the high damping of the butyl rubber. The manufacturing process of rubber shock pad products, in addition to rubber air spring is similar to the tire, most similar model products. Usually made of support or connections, widely used in all kinds of vehicles, ships, machinery, instruments, bridges, buildings, with adverse consequences to eliminate or mitigate the shock.

Rubber damping products are mainly rubber shock pad, rubber air spring, rubber fender (see pictures), sponge and cork rubber damping pad, an elastic coupling, flexible pipe, mechanical foot etc..

For example:

The rubber shock pad. Most of the rubber and metal composite products, double plate, cylindrical, chip and other forms, for all kinds of machinery, instrumentation, piping, axle shock absorption and sound insulation [2].

Rubber air spring. It is a metal spring shock and impact resistance, mainly used for vehicle. The structure and no tire tube is somewhat similar, to ply for withstand voltage layer, there are rubber airtight layer, oil resistant and ageing resistant rubber protection layer.

Rubber bearing. Made of rubber sheet and rigid material (steel plate, steel wire mesh, canvas). The latter can increase the compressive strength of the bearing, and the effect of the shear strength is very small. Rubber bridge bearing the load to the bridge pier up, at the same time to reduce the vibration and deformation of bridge. Rubber building bearings can reduce the impact of the subway and surrounding vehicles and the earthquake on buildings.

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