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Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber

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Similar to other industries, medical product manufacturers are always looking to reduce cost, improve the quality of their products and extend lifetime performance.

The focus on long-term cost and price stability has a direct effect on manufacturers’ sales revenues and profits.

The medical device market requires a lot of skill and research, especially in the areas of material selection and manufacturing processes.

In the medical industry, material performance can be the difference between health and injury. Consequently, whether you evaluate metal, plastic, ceramic or Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) for your medical device, the most important aspect to consider concerns the compatibility of the material with the functionality the equipment requires.

When it comes to choosing materials for new medical equipment and devices, engineers need to consider a variety of factors, such as biocompatibility, qualification, regulation and cost.

For silicone medical devices, many applications have components that have the durability to withstand a variety of tough conditions, such as heat, high pressure, chemical exposure and biocompatibility.

Until LSR came along, medical device manufacturers had a difficult time finding materials that meet their criteria for custom silicone molded components and assemblies.

Medical-grade silicone molding lends itself to dental and surgical dental applications, consumer health care products and other medical products and devices.

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